Apply for Mutual Link

Mutual links help increase reputations of your sites among search engines. It makes your site easier to be found by people.

Consider that in case you may want to edit your link information later, it is recommended to log in before applying for a mutual link.

Please fill in the following form to apply for a mutual link.

Link Text:
Text of the link. Up to 128 bytes.
Optional. The image to be displayed as the link.
Target URL:
Please enter URL of the page, on your website, that you want it to be linked.
Back Page URL:
Optional. Please enter URL of a page on which you will put a link back to Uniwits. If this URL is omitted, the target URL is used instead. If this URL is specified, then this URL and the target URL must be exactly the same from the beginning to the last slash. Back Link List
Please enter one keyword per line that characterize you site. Up to 5 keywords are allowed.
Attention Points:
  • In order for your application to be accepted, please make sure that you have put a back link to Uniwits on one of your pages, and put the page URL as Target URL or Back Page URL. The system will check your page for the back link.
  • After your application is accepted, the system will periodically check for the back link. If your page fails to contain a valid back link for a number of times, your link will be deleted.
  • Please avoid loading back links dynamically, for otherwise the links may not be detected by the system.
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